Feltham Aston Martin VB6 Series Cylinder Blocks


Aston Martin Car TypeAston Martin Engine Type
DB 2VB 6 B/ELB 6 A/B
DB 2/4 Mk 1VB 6 JLB 6 V
DB 2/4 Mk 2VB 6/LLB 6 E
DB 3VB 6 J/L1LB 6 V
DB 3 SVB 6 KDP 101
Plus equivalent Lagonda


  • Thickness of walls and internal webs maximised from the original specification giving greatly improved beam, torsional ,transverse and tensile strength.
  • Vaulting of buttresses supporting the water jacket lower platform in between liner pairs is maximised across block centre line.
  • Rib and flange thickness including bearing housing receiving bores, and the bottom of block all increased to Works race engines series dimensions.
  • Internal walls blended to water jacket platform with substantial radii.
  • No core box induced longitudinal stress lines or wall thinning. Greatly increased tensile limiting loads.
  • End cylinder head stud bosses extended laterally to blend into walls, and vertically, deepened by 5/16″.
  • Transverse web integrity further ensured by omission of drillings for cheese alignment dowels (used as an aid in fitting but rendered functionally redundant by the main bearing oil transfer dowels).
  • All VB6 blocks are machined as standard to accept 83mm bore liners for a capacity of 2922cc, or they can be machined to order for 78mm liners for a capacity of 2580cc for the DB2.
  • Cylinder liner sealing is improved by the fitting of the supplied Nitrile “O” rings in grooves machined in liner spigot bore to compliment the original copper liner seating shims.
  • Original oilway restrictions have been re-contoured and enlarged to substantially improve oil flow.


Material used is Grade 220 cast iron to BS1452.

Heat Treatment

All blocks are normalised by heat treatment after fettling and shot blasting. Furnace temperature is increased from 150°C to 580°C plus or minus 10°C at 100°C per hour and maintained for two hours. Cooling is at no more than 73°C per hour until cooled to 150°C.

Powder Coating

After heat treatment but before machining blocks are again shot blasted, and sprayed electrostatically with epoxy polyester to RAL3003 inside and out before further heat curing at 200°C.


Each new VB6 block is delivered with these accessories to assist the engine build.

  • 1 x oil pump gear shaft bronze bush
  • 1 x water pump drive spindle bronze bush
  • 1 x 3/4″ BSF, 1 x 1/2″ BSF, 1 x 1/4″ BSF, 1 x 3/8″ BSF oil gallery blanking plugs
  • 1 x 3/8″ BSP water gallery blanking plug
  • 2 x 1″ water gallery blanking plugs
  • 6 x 3mm nitrile liner seal “o” rings (plus two spares)
  • 1 x threaded oil restrictor
  • 4 x 7/16″ BSF x 4 5/8″ EN16 T rolled thread increased length head studs
  • 1 x oil pressure relief open coil spring
  • Touch up paint to match powder coating
  • Unique number stamped on each casting
  • Wood / fibreboard packing case with integral pallet for machine handling,
    suitable for U.K. distribution or overseas shipment.