Feltham Aston Martin DBA Series Cylinder Block


Aston Martin Car TypeAston Martin Engine Type


  • General wall thickness maximised on all internal and external sections after allowing for core box parting tapers.
  • Outer vertical ribs on water jacket increased in section and extended, profiled, radiused, and blended into lower block sides, stud bosses and upper water gallery for maximum strength.
  • Centre deck cast solid flush with lower edge of of cylinder bores radiused and profiled to the water jacket, the transverse straps and the sides of the block.
  • Internal lateral straps increased, widened and deepened.
  • Threaded holes added to facilitate rotating type workshop engine frames.
  • All DBA blocks are machined to accept standard 83mm bore liners for a capacity of 2922cc.


Material used is Grade 220 cast iron to BS1452.

Heat Treatment

All blocks are normalised by heat treatment after fettling and shot blasting. Furnace temperature is increased from 150°C to 580°C plus or minus 10°C at 100°C per hour and maintained for two hours. Cooling is at no more than 73°C per hour until cooled to 150°C.

Powder Coating

After heat treatment but before machining blocks are again shot blasted, and sprayed electrostatically with epoxy polyester to RAL3003 inside and out before further heat curing at 200°C.


  • 2 x bronze oil pump jack shaft bearings fitted and reamed to size secured with locating set screws machined to specific length.
  • 6 x 1/4” BSP top water way blanking set screws.
  • 3 x 1/8” BSP side water gallery blanking set screws.
  • 3 x 1” dished waterway blanking plugs.
  • Touch up paint to match powder coating.
  • Unique number stamped on each casting
  • Wood/fibreboard packing case with integral pallet for machine handling suitable for U.K. distribution or overseas shipment