About Vetus Engineering Ltd

New Feltham Aston Martin cylinder blocks for the early Feltham models ( DB2, DB3S, DB2/4 Mk2 etc) have not been available for over 50 years and the vast majority of these complex components have reached, or are reaching, the end of their service life. The original thin wall cast iron crank cases were fairly marginal in structural strength and although fine pieces of work for the period, the ravages of time, corrosion, inherent casting defects and the effect of unskilled rebuilding have taken their toll in causing numerous distortions, and, very often, irreparable cracking.

Many of the later problems experienced by the original blocks resulted from poor foundry techniques and practice which have also been overcome through improved standards in casting and inspection. Machining standards have also improved dramatically over the years and the new blocks are produced on modern CNC equipment creating a much greater degree of accuracy than the original.

The designs incorporate the engineering knowledge and experience of the leading Aston Martin engine specialists, component manufacturers, tuners and consultants including the late Ted Cutting C.Eng, F.I.Mech E. Chief Designer Racing Cars for Aston Martin during the later years of the development and production of the original designs and intimately concerned with the racing engines.

Although our cylinder blocks are a perfect replacement for all touring cars they are designed and manufactured with competition in mind and are capable with the right crankshaft, connecting rods and cylinder head of producing very significant increases in power.

Vetus Engineering Ltd (Formally Flint Engineering Developments) was set up in 1988 to meet this specific need for new Feltham Aston Martin cylinder blocks and has been producing them to a high standard ever since.